04 September 2009


What happens when nothing comes along?  No creative juices flow?  the artist, the creator, performer, begins to get a little anxious, then upset, then slowly, slowly, the centeredness that creation blossoms from is lost.  The missing ingredient is PATIENCE.  Patience can keep a person centered and calm; it gives an ability to wait for the moment, stay collected, and receive the gift, which, in this case, is a spontaneous outpouring from the heart.  (Gifts can also be fruitcakes and sweaters, but it takes less patience for these.)  

This blog is all about the heart, and what flows from it, and what flows in.  It is my lifeblood.  For me, now, the mantra is:  Love first, heart first, mind second.  

Basically, I am choosing now to listen to my heart more, and I believe it knows above all else, where, how and when my spirit soars.  then, I will direct my mind to keep my body and heart safe and sound.  

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