30 September 2009

A Sharing Contribution

Sharing is something that as an individual I am challenged to learn moment to moment.  In any given circumstance, there is always an opportunity for me to move towards my perfection as a benevolent creature.  

What can I do in this moment to be the most caring and most grateful human being I know?   

And usually the answer comes and then I go and do that.  It is oftentimes a challenge, sometimes not.  But many times the question is not coming, or I get forgetful, and I hold on to things.  I get too clingy to life, attached, not in the now.  Things that I know, things that I have, or objects I own; they all can be things to be attached to, or opportunities to let go and GIVE to life.   Sharing is about letting go.  Let go and flow.

Row row your boat, gently down the stream, Merrily, Merrily.  Life is but a dream.  

It was all there in the songs of youth.  Robert Fulghum knew it, Mr. Rodgers knew it, too.  I'm pretty sure Dr. Suess has it dead on, and defiantly Shel Silverstein.  Some of my favorite books and tales were the ones I heard when I was a child.  The Velveteen Rabbit,  Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland,,  the Giving Tree, the Sidewalk never Ends, Goodnight Moon.  There are many more.  

I was excited to hear that the movie "Where the wild things are"  is coming out soon.  What are some of your favorite children's books and tales? 

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