21 December 2009

The Blind Leading the Blind

A couple of days ago, as I was ducking out of the mall amongst the holiday shoppers, I came up behind a blind woman approaching the escalator.  She had bags on her arms and a yellow poncho on. Her long walking stick slowly yet easily guided her onto the stair.  At the bottom of the escalators, I walked quickly past to open up the handicap door for her.  I went through the door and turned back to ensure the door stayed open for her and that she would get out onto the sidewalk adequately.  The woman had an odd little look on her face, a sort of a smile, with eyes half closed.  Her hands were open out in front of her, feeling around for the door, helping her sense where she was, and her face was shining.  In that moment of watching her navigate through a simple doorway, I felt something.  

I walked away to the corner when I knew she was getting through alright, and I looked back to see her strolling down the other way.  We all live in our own worlds, I thought, some much different than others.  However, comparisons of that nature are something I like to avoid; everyone learns to navigate through life in their own unique way.  This woman shined her way into my life's story.     

I started off on a different way back home, and stopped to have a donut and coffee and a think on the dock by the bay.  


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