22 December 2009

"Death is had alone. One by one, we slip into the unknown, slipping off our bodies like the way we came in. The Doorway in, to the doorway out. We all wear our birthday suits; then, there is the clothing our caretakers give us. Then our siblings, our friends, our neighborhood, our town, our city, our county, state, our country, our continent, our planet: Earth. The best way to find yourself is by knowing yourself. I find travel to be the most useful way to discover who I am; what I am begins to shine through. Travel is sort of like changing into, and out of, a bunch of different clothes in your closet, seeing which way you'd like to look today. I propose we change cities and countries often, keeping honor in our roots and our past, and having a fixed eye on the future, on the horizon. In me, this endeavor has promoted genuine self-knowing, genuine self-expression, genuine creativity. I expose myself to many different cultures, ideologies, and viewpoints, and thus find who I truly am. "
-- Alexandr Osidious Honeykutt

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