03 December 2009


The posting is about the sound I heard when I was "tubed" for the first time in Seaside Heights, NJ.  I was bodysurfing with some of my friends on an off day from baseball this summer.  

Until that point, I had never before heard anything like it, but now I know exactly the sound that a tube of water makes in the ocean surf.  The sound of it is burned in my memory.  I remember hearing that unique sound and then realizing where I was, positioned pretty much right inside of the curl of the wave.  Right after that thought, the force put me face first into the sandy ocean floor.  

I've been shore pounded before and I wipe out from time to time.  But, to get tubed and to hear the sound it made in my ears, and then to get my face planted into the sand underneath the wave.... Pretty cool stuff.  I got a decent scrape around my eye, and the experience woke me up again to the amazing place that the ocean can be.    I sincerely believe there is no other sound like it.  I love surfing because of all the blessings and realizations it brings to me.  

I am so excited that I will be going again to surf in a few weeks in Los Angeles, and later after Christmas, a Costa Rica trip.  

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