19 December 2009

Warriors of Radness : Skateboarding

I have remembered something; it's been kicking around my head for a week or so: a memory of when I kicked my skateboard karate-style off the short wooden fence by my parent's driveway.  It was posted up top, hanging off by the front wheels.  The nose of the board hit me, and I have a dent on my forehead today from the impact.  No blood or anything, not even a stitch.  But I had a vision, an insight, a fore-sight.  Ha.  The mark is above my brow, above the third eye chakra.  Above the crown chakra the vision funneled down into me, hitting me with all the force of a moulded plastic skateboard.  I remember it being blue with yellow wheels.  I loved cruising on that board, messing around, coming up with new tricks, being in a creative space.  

My uncle said to me recently that whatever happens to an individual between the ages of 8 and 15 or so, if you pay attention closely to what occurs during that period in someone's life, you will see that you are enlightened to the fact that during that time, people go after what they really, really, really want in life.  And if they get lost later in life, if you get lost in the real world,and feel like you aren't "getting it" or that you have missed the boat, you can go back in your memory, and ask others who knew you, and if you can bring back and recall what has occured to you in that time, in your knowing internally, innately, what made you happy, in your belief in your own built-in capacity to produce countless blessings, continual, sustainable and ongoing happiness, right now, completely and thoroughly, it can provide that for you again.  If you have the courage to follow it, you will know where and how to meet with the internal love and bliss and peace in your soul....


  "That period (in life) when you haven't figured out where you are going and are in no rush to get there." --- Aaron Rose  




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