23 December 2010

Every Sunrise and Every Sunset, Simultaneously -or- I'm so Proud of you, son - or- Dance, dance, dance

        As I craned my neck to see brief glimpses of the moon in full eclipse between swaths of swiftly moving clouds, I remarked to myself during this late evening that I don't do this much.  Observe what is real and fantastic and amazing right before my very eyes.  Or maybe stuff like full moon eclipses don't happen very often. But I can argue that point.  If we shot a mirror into space and trained it onto the surface of the Earth, and we were able to see what was going on simultaneously around our planet, everyday, all day long, I'm sure we would be able to see things as beautiful and unique and powerful as the indescribable color of the moon during that total lunar eclipse on the winter solstice night of 2010.

      This photograph attempts at capturing the colors that the naked eye could see:

         To the left of the spectacle this evening, Orion was standing proudly there in the sky, shining clear and bright.  This constellation has fed a constant source of connection to my soul -- whether it be to the Divine or a sense of place -- Orion has been constant.  Easily recognizable for me, a kinship has struck up and I search for it whenever I happen to look up into the night sky.  I read somewhere that the light we see on the moon during the total eclipse is the collection and combination of every shade and nuance of every sunrise and every sunset occurring simultaneously on Earth.  My dad smoked cigars at my baseball games when I was a child growing up.  I knew he was there because I could smell the distinct, pungent smoke.

Salsa, tango, ecstatic.  
Breath of life and beat of heart.  
A listening, a channelling, no language spoken, yet deep expression.  
Sharing the space, holding the moment 
artful, creative, embracing, loving

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