06 March 2011

Casa De Luz

Today I was able to volunteer my Sunday morning to work in the macrobiotic kitchen at Casa de Luz.  It was where the Natural Epicurean, the culinary school I am attending, began, so I was excited to get in the kitchen and help prepare their famous Sunday brunch buffet.   The meals at Casa de Luz are 100% organic, vegan and macrobiotic.  Macrobiotic is a style of cooking that emphasizes grains and vegetables, and the followers of this diet believe that food effects health and well being.

When I first heard about Casa de Luz, I assumed that it was a Mexican restaurant in Austin, not a macrobiotic haven.  It really feels like a great haven in the middle of the city, and the kitchen is the focus in the dining area and prominently showcased.  My first experience working in a real working kitchen since being in Austin was a great time, and the food was fantastic.  My name was even posted on the menu at the bottom, along with everyone else who helped prepare the meal.  Rosa and Rumalda were two women that I spoke with during our wonderful meal.  I will be going back to volunteer next Sunday morning.  It will help keep me out of trouble on Saturday nights :)

Sunday Brunch
March 6th , 2011
11:00 am – 2pm.
Organic, Vegan, Gluten-Free Meal
Butternut squash
Garden Salad
w/casa dressing
Slow-cooked beets & rutabaga
Medium brown rice w/red quinoa
Black beans w/sun-cheese
Blanched Greens w/casa tahini
Spelt Pancakes w/fruit sauce
Pickled radish & daikon
Prepared by Chef Marie Elias,
Nora, Rosa, Rumalda, Uciel, Vali-Vega & Brian

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