06 April 2011

The Wounded Warrior

We all have wounds.  Some are minor; some are major.  Some are field dressed quickly and covered up; others need exposure to the air after time.  I've had a few wounds in my days; I feel like I'm carrying with me some from a few other lifetimes.  There have been many that have come into and out of my life.  A few stay with me as scars that you can see on my skin; some stay closer, close to the heart, hidden from the eye, seen only by my mind's eye, when it chooses to look deep, deep into the depth of the human soul, like a heavy, deep, quiet consciousness.  We all have wounds.  They make me sad from time to time.  When they do, it's like they are tugging at something that can't be explained in words but only emotions.  They are one of nature's best teachers.

A sense of fairness comes from having wounds, a sense of understanding, as well.  My wounds have also given me a sense of decency, a sense of human connection and oneness.  Some wounds we never ever seem to ever get over, like the loss of a limb, or the deepest emotional wound.  They are burdens that can weigh us down, yet when we carry them they inevitably make us stronger, stronger and stronger until there is nothing left but strength and love and all we can do is cry and cry and cry because there is nothing left we are exhausted but there still is something left and it is love and it pours out of our heart because it is there and it is all that is left to give.  It is also all that is left to receive.  What is a gift except when it is given in love?

I've been doing lots of things lately, wearing myself out, probably overextending myself.  Whaddyagonnado?  I'm doing it because I feel the pulse to give.

I went to Johnson's Backyard Garden, helped out there two days during Spring Break a couple weeks back.  Then I went to help out at the Blind Cafe for three nights; it's a really cool fundraising event that helped to support the blind and disabled community in Austin.  It was a totally "in the dark" dining experience, and I worked with some great chefs, especially the head chef from the event, Asha, who came up with a vegan three-course menu on a shoestring budget.  Everyone really had to lean on the blind waiters/waitresses during the event; this song by Richie Flores was unbelievable when he performed it for us in the dark.  The video almost doesn't do it justice.

What else... oh yeah, I helped out at a vegan catering event, cooking for two weddings last weekend.  And today we helped out at Green Gate Farms; I helped bundle garlic cloves and hung them to dry.  I went to a Mexican place afterwards with some people from school and had a really strong margarita.  I'm still volunteering at Casa de Luz for Sunday brunch buffet.  I've been doing a lot....everything's been fantastic.  Back to my point, we all have wounds, we all run from things, we all fight and resist and ignore.  Love pours in, love pours out.        
Awareness remains.

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