26 July 2012

Eat Right, Exercise Regularly, Die Happy

The concept of death and dying comes to us nearly everyday as formed by the grouping of thoughts on health and survival. What's for breakfast/dinner?  Eating right, what's the point?  Exercising?  I'm gonna die anyway, so I'm gonna enjoy the brownie or bacon right now to its fullest extent.  

But the problem with that logic of thinking brings about this strange spiral.  The Pleasure Trap.  Doug Lisle spoke to this before, in the book by the same name.  Yes, you might bring yourself to an early demise, but at least you enjoy the life that you have.  And there is the rub.  Pleasure and enjoyment is something that you need all the time, at least everyday, and what brings this about is the recognition of the same fact.  Recognize the love in the little things.  Stop and smell the flowers.  Look at a beautiful painting and realize its beauty.  You are the same beauty that you see out in the world.  Dude looks at his beautiful partner, or a sunset, or sunrise, the is seeing the same beauty that is in him.  He creates the world that he witnesses and participates in.  The outside world is a reflection of the inside world.  

The phrase commonly accepted to avoid the focus on health and diet is "eat right, exercise regularly, die anyway."  Yes, you will die anyway, but you will die happy and live a lot more peacefully if you follow these recommendations.  I can place a guarantee on that.  If you take care of your body, your body will take care of you.  Diet and lifestyle will bring you happiness, mental clarity, joy, freedom, peace and security.  It will make you think better and your emotions will be lifted.  You'll probably grow more spiritual and more at peace with your world and the people around you.  

Create a homeostasis with your environment and do it through your daily routine: eat regularly, be active, have a community.  It's not hard.  We sometimes want to make things difficult.  We can choose to make things easy on ourselves and smooth when we make the little changes, a little recognition of self love or laughter.  
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