21 October 2012

The House Always Wins and:or Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride

Yesterday I was hungover. My partner and I checked the ferry times to Capri and got on the boat at midday.

We had 6' swells due to the wind from a storm that had cleared out in the night. Sunny, windy, and bumpy seas.

Not the perfect condition for a hangover, yet we made it to Marina Grande and bought a ticket to Anacapri.

I was tired and needed to eat - we sat at Cafe Grotta Azzurra and I ordered the pannini.

Capri is the height of quality industry, be it food, fashion, or resources. They get you coming and going on their island.

Weather was preventing our trip to the Grotto Azzurra, so we walked to the Chiesa d San Michele, had pizza, salad and fries at a piazza in front of a church built in 1510.

This morning, I got in an argument with the cab driver in Naples. It was fun. At the end of it, he would have rather taken me back to the hotel than take a 3 euro discount for a misunderstanding with the hotel concierge, who quoted us a price much lower.

Either way, we reached an understanding and I was glad to have visited the Chiesa d San Michele the day before. He and God have everything all arranged for me. It's all part of the show, ladies and gentleman.

Finally, getting back to Austin after a great trip to some sights, great food, and new contacts in the industry.

In Italy, you are in another country if you are American, but its always best to buy the ticket to Capri, and take the ride. It's pleasant, even if you have to argue with a 265 pound cab driver at 5 in the morning the very next day!

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