29 March 2013

Grab and go and foods on the run

Hungry for a snack? Not a whole lot of grab and go things in my kitchen. I have chocolate, technically. It's cacao beans whole with skin on. A little bitter compared to a Hersey's bar.

Beans? Not in a can. I have dried pinto and black that need to be sorted, washed and soaked first.

I have one cabinet dedicated to my assortment of dried sea vegetables. These are great in broths, soaked and stir fried, or in longer cooking methods.

Having a kitchen set up in this way helps me think forward in the week, getting myself prepared for my meals. It also makes it more difficult to have mindless snacking going on.

Kitchen set up is a huge factor in how we eat. Diet and health related issues all can lead back to what you put into your body every day. Grocery shopping and healthy ingredients along with intelligent use of spices like turmeric, allspice and fennel can help.

Grab and go things aren't terrible, but make sure they come from a healthy source and understand they have a shelf life. 

Even when traveling, try to stop off at grocery stores instead of fast food places and grab some bananas and other fruits. Quality chocolate bars, nuts, dried fruits and sunflower seeds are my favorite snacks on the go, especially when on a boat in Watagua Bay, NZ or on top of a mountain ridge near Queenstown. 

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