15 April 2013

The Seeker Buddha

I didn't find anything, he said.  But now I don't have to look anymore.  -- Gattis

The seeker is a role that is not difficult to see at first glance.  The simplest things are there, yet there is so much depth behind it if you pause.  What is the role of the seeker?  Is it to question the mind, question the environment, to never accept at face value?  Sometimes that can look like unmotivated, slow, boring life.  Only questioning, never simply accepting life as it is?  Finally I think, the seeker simply understands the depth in the above quote and begins to stop looking, because there isn't anything to find.  Emoting can be an indication of coming closer to "finding your path" or "understanding your truth," but it can never be less than a willing thing, to stop looking.

Things like this quote, have much of the buddha in it.  And look how it is so playfully Zen, a meaning wrapped up in a puzzle that is wrapped up in its simplicity.  There is happiness in the arrival to that truth, but the happiness does not outweigh what you had to go through.  What you went through was all necessary and needed in order for you to arrive at the conclusion, to give up your seeking, to stop your looking.

The buddha is in all of us, if you look.

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