11 January 2014

Present in the Moment

Your body is always present in this moment.  It cannot be otherwise. It is only the mind that wanders from the present moment.  Sometimes this can be a good thing!  Sometimes it isn't. 

Find the mind connecting with the body through your breath when you are feeling off-tune.  You've been breathing your entire life, sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously.  I invite you to take one conscious breath today and find the present moment through this mind-body connection.  

The present is always here for you. It's the mind that forgets that sometimes.  

Your breath and the beat of your heart in your body never forget.  Your breath can create happiness and real ease in this present moment. Your deeper exhale can release toxins/waste from the body and deepen your feeling of peace. 

Breathe in what you want to create today and in 2014. Breathe out and let go of what you want to release. 

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