07 February 2014

Keep Your Eye on the Prize

This is the time of the year where resolutions and goals that are set in January and during that foggy New Year's Eve party begin to get bogged down.

Keep up the good works and know that we are all pulling for you, All of us!

Goals, desires, dreams and aspirations start with you.  A little seed of inspiration wanted to see something better for your life in 2014 and beyond.  Keep watering that seed.

You are the thing you've been looking for all along.  Seeking outside yourself for motivation and answers creates a dependent relationship.  However we are all co-creating on this planet.  Solve the riddle!  You are master of your fate, Kings & Queens of your destiny.

If Beyonce can do it, you can.

If Jim Abbott, a one-armed left-handed major league pitcher can do it, you can.

If I can breathe in a moment of peace, you can too.

Remember you are well along your way to getting all that you want out of life!

Keep your eye on the prize!!

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