10 February 2015

Working with Resistance

Coming into resistance during sitting meditation can be released easily with the technique or idea of moving with the force, by letting it be an experience of expression - be it an idea, thought, sensation or emotion. 
Many people have a feeling of being still in the mind and body are the only way. If you look at the spectrum of no movement at all and lots of movement on the other end, when you move into one end of the spectrum only, it can generate  imbalance. Balance can be created by expelling energy through movement - before or after a sitting meditation or as a technique for variety for your routine. 
Any motivators are ultimately pushing you forward or leading you on your path. If you go into the resistance, experience it, you are no longer working at the opposite end, against the force. 
Active or moving meditation can allow the body to release resistance, to move without judgement - this can be helpful to settle the body and the mind by expelling energy. The thoughts can settle - the emotions can settle -- energy can be more grounded because you can acknowledge and work with the resistance. 
Ohm shanti, ohm 

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