Knowledge is Power and Wisdom is Born -- You have it all inside of you!  We simply show you the way back to your body's highest intelligence and capabilities.  Simple maintenance, perfect practice & preparation can keep you there.

Brian's services are great for amateur athletes, fitness-minded men and women, high school and collegiate sports stars, and the serious professional athlete. As we all know, we reach our highest potential along with generous support from friends, family, coaches, teammates and fellow competitors.  All those who support fitness & achievement are invited.

Service fees are very reasonable and we value each client.  Your time and money are valuable to you and our arrangement and Brian's services will meet your satisfaction.  The best present we can receive is your continued business and referrals from clients and friends.  Thank you for being here.

Personal Instruction -- One-on-one with Certified Instructor at your facility or ours, half hour minimum.  We will review your fitness goals for free in a 10-15 min phone consult beforehand and then help you achieve them.

Classes -- Up to 30 people at your facility or ours, one hour minimum.

Group Instruction -- Two to five people, one hour minimim

Phone or FaceTime Consultations -- 15 minutes minimum

Facilities -- One True Aim offers its studio space near downtown Austin for classes, personal & group instruction.  When you utilize One True Aim, we provide fitness equipment tailored to your needs as well as complimentary refreshments.

Call or text message (atx) 789-4seven5seven or email for goal discussion, scheduling, pricing and arrangements.  


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